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Reasons to Go Professional with Logo Design

In today’s media-led society, the brand image of your business is almost as important as the quality of its products or services. An attractive and professional-looking logo is a vital way of building positive customer perceptions.

While the combination of stock image libraries and powerful software makes it easy to put together a basic logo design, this is a job that’s best left to experts if you want to enjoy the full branding benefits it can offer. Here are six reasons hiring a freelance graphic designer pays dividends.

First Impressions Count

Your logo plays a huge role in the way your brand is perceived, and a professional-looking one is essential for credibility. If an amateur-looking logo establishes a poor impression with potential customers, it can be hard to overcome this perception.

Staying Current

Trends in graphic design change over time, and while you don’t need to slavishly follow the herd, if your logo is strikingly old-fashioned, it will reflect poorly on your brand. A professional designer can apply the latest styles to your existing design while maintaining your identity, keeping your image fresh and relevant.

Establish a Lasting Relationship

It’s much easier to stay current when you hire a graphic designer rather than delegating the work to a company employee. Over time, your relationship with an a designer will mature and produce better results, even if the individuals working on your account change from time to time.

The Importance of Psychology

Over decades, much time has been spent studying how consumers react psychologically to color and other elements of design. A professional will have access to this accumulated knowledge, and also the experience to interpret it and apply it to your brand’s advantage.

Format Flexibility

In today’s business landscape, your logo isn’t limited to use on a letterhead or business card – the same design needs to work well across all media and in all sizes. A professional design company can provide the same quality across all formats for all situations.


It’s often helpful to tweak your logo for special promotions or occasions. Consider how often Google features one-off logos on their main page; they do this for valid commercial reasons. A professional agency will have the tools, experience, and creativity to achieve this quickly and easily, opening up exciting new avenues for your marketing team to explore.


Focusing on the quality of your business’s offerings is crucial if you want to achieve long-term success. Unfortunately, all too often the power of branding and perception isn’t given the attention it deserves, especially in the early stages of a company’s development. While effective marketing can work wonders, a professional-looking logo provides a solid foundation for future branding efforts to build on.

Looking For An Experienced Freelance Logo Designer ?
Looking for a Logo Designer? Why not consider an experienced freelance logodesigner like John Dobie? To find out how John can help set you apart from the competition, get in touch today for a quote.

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John Dobie

John Dobie is an award-winning, Sydney freelance graphic designer helping to elevate brands through intelligent design and bespoke branding.


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