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4 Design Pickle Alternatives

Design Pickle touts itself as “a global creative services company”, providing businesses across the world with design and illustration services at a flat rate. Offering one to two-day turnaround, 24-hour customer support and unlimited changes and revisions, Design Pickle has become a popular choice for businesses looking for quick and easy design outcomes.

However, popular doesn’t always equal quality, and there are a number of alternatives to Design Pickle that can work out more efficient, cost-effective and be better suited to your business.

Read on to discover four Design Pickle alternatives worthy of your time.

1. Unlimited Graphic Design Companies

While Design Pickle may be one of the most visible graphic design services online, there are a range of Design Pickle alternatives offering competitive options. These including an unlimited number of graphic design companies.



Digifloat provides clients with a dedicated designer, account manager and unlimited revisions. What separates Digifloat from Design Pickle is that its standard membership program is inclusive of logos and branded graphics and, if you are unhappy with your dedicated designer, you can request a new designer.



Penji is another option for graphic design services. Penji claims to work with the world’s top 2% of designers and shares many similarities with Design Pickle – however, they do not provide customers with a dedicated account manager. Their services cover website design, landing pages, apps, illustrations and print material however they don’t offer designs for animations, motion graphics or video editing.



Another one of the large-scale alternatives to Design Pickle is Flocksy, which offers a comprehensive service including copywriting, website development and video editing.

2. Graphic Design Agencies

If you have a big, multi-faceted project that may require multiple designers and specific expertise, hiring a graphic design agency may be a better option than a service like Design Pickle. This could be either a group of graphic designers who work in a design studio or a larger creative agency that also offers additional services like marketing and branding.

By working with a graphic design agency instead of Design Pickle, you’ll be able to pick a team who exclusively work within your specific industry – from hospitality and entertainment, to construction and travel, there are a number of niche agencies out there. You could also select an agency that specialises in a certain element of graphic design, whether it’s illustrations, social media graphics or website development.

One of the biggest obstacles when it comes to working with a graphic design agency is the price tag. Furthermore, working with an agency generally means you won’t enjoy a uniquely personal or collaborative experience, however, you may have a dedicated account manager working on your account.

3. Design Contests

Entering your job into a graphic design “contest” can be another option when searching for Design Pickle alternatives. Many platforms, such as 99Design, offer design contests whereby multiple designers across the world can respond to a brief and you can select your favourite as the ‘winner’.

A project can range from simple to complex to be added to a design contest and prices will vary depending on the brief and the skillset of the designers on offer. For instance, 99Design’s lowest tier will give you access to 30 design concepts for $399, while the highest tier will provide you with 60 designs from top-level designers for $1799.

It’s important to note that using a company like 99Designs, instead of a service like Design Pickle, means you will own the copyright of any artwork and can utilise any designs, illustrations or graphics again. Of course, you won’t have a dedicated account manager working across your portfolio, but you will have direct access to your graphic designer.

4. Freelance Graphic Designers

Easily one of the most cost-effective and flexible Design Pickle alternatives is working with a freelance graphic designer. A freelance graphic designer works on a project-by-project basis and comes without the overhead costs associated with a design agency.

With a freelance graphic designer, communication will be clear and frequent, and you’ll be able to enjoy plenty one-on-one discussions about the project – from nuanced dialogue about what the design should look like, to any issues or revisions that are needed. This becomes far more complicated and political when you work with a large-scale design service or businesses like Design Pickle.

Hiring a freelance graphic designer gives you the freedom to select the perfect person to work with your business, which makes it one of the best Design Pickle alternatives. There are so many talented freelance designers out there, and by carefully researching graphic design services and choosing someone with specific skills to work on your project, you can find someone who is highly qualified to take on your account.

You’ll also have a better understanding of the quality you’re likely to receive. Freelancers generally have detailed websites and social media accounts that explain their graphic design services and showcase their portfolio of completed projects. You’ll be able to ascertain their style and expertise quickly, and well as any strengths and weaknesses. There’ll be no question of what kind of quality you will be getting when you work with a freelance graphic designer.

Looking For An Experienced Freelance Graphic Designer ?
Looking for Design Pickle alternatives? Why not consider an experienced freelance graphic designer like John Dobie? To find out how John can help set you apart from the competition, get in touch today.

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John Dobie is an award-winning, Sydney freelance graphic designer helping to elevate brands through intelligent design and bespoke branding.


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