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How to Nail Your Logo Design – 6 Crucial Components

Choosing a logo design for your business is not an exercise to be taken lightly. There are numerous concepts you need to consider; from a feminine or masculine design to the psychology of the symbols you use, each component needs to be carefully considered.

Creating a design that is reflective of your brand’s personality takes time and attention to detail. If you are a business owner contemplating a new logo, there are a few concepts you must decide on to ensure your design is successful. Pay attention to the following six crucial components of a well-designed logo if you want to create a brand symbol you are proud of.

The Logo must be Relatable to Your Core Customers

Your logo must make sense to your target audience. Creating a logo that has nothing to do with your business is only going to confuse customers. Just like a burger joint wouldn’t design a logo with a Christmas tree as its main symbol, your logo should relate back to your business. Even if you are creating an abstract symbol to represent your company, make sure it ties back to the products/services you offer.

Adobe Color CC is an excellent tool to help with colours

Color is Critical

Just as your logo design must be relatable to your target audience, the color must also make sense. Choose colors that tie into your brand messaging, whether your message is meant to be calming, exciting, or natural and woodsy.

MadX | Modern Logo | Minimalist Logo by Mahdy Hasan Hridoy

Opt for the Unexpected (Don't be Boring)

Anyone can offer a basic symbol as their brand logo, but boring won’t get you anywhere. Be creative when choosing a logo. Don’t do what everyone else in your market is doing; be willing to stand out from the crowd. Choose unexpected colors. Opt for a design that makes your audience think. Hide a symbol related to your business within your logo. Regardless of which approach you take, the key is to be original when creating/choosing a logo.

The ultimate guide to choosing fonts - Monica Galvan

Don't Follow Typography Trends

Fonts come and go in popularity. Don’t choose a font for your logo just because it is currently popular among the design crowd. If your font will make your logo look outdated in a couple of years, opt for a basic font that will never go out of style.

Beakon Logo Refresh - John Dobie Design

Messaging is Magic

The key to any logo is the message it delivers. A logo isn’t just an abstract symbol you choose off the internet; it represents your business and how you want consumers to think of your company. Make sure there is a message behind your logo or you are wasting your time.

S Symbol Mark from Branding Process - Matis Branding

Pay Attention to Logo Shape

One aspect of logo design far too many business owners overlook is shape. The shape of your logo can play a vital role in expressing your business’ message. If your company offers speedy services, a square logo doesn’t help to express your message. Think instead of a triangle laying on its side to represent speed. It takes work to integrate shape into your logo design, but the results are definitely worth the effort.

Your logo says a great deal about your business. It isn’t something to be rushed or done without any forethought as to its impact on your company. You will have your logo for years to come; make the effort to choose a design you will be happy with over the long haul.

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